Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hogs still present

The two hogs that took up residence in the south tract a couple of months ago are still there. I saw one in the fire lane the other day.

They seem to like to rest in the wooded area along the right of way of Avenue Q, but will run into the woods if startled, which doesn't take much.

I haven't been inside to check lately on the amount of damage they've done. At least for now there aren't any more.

Trash pickup progressing

I think I'm actually making some headway cleaning up the trash along the widened fire land along the residential neighborhood in the north parcel.

I've picked up about 10 bags of trash and recyclables as well as a few wheelbarrow loads of scrap over the past couple of weeks.

Eventually, it will be under control, just as the other piles became. It just takes time and patience.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is it time to expand?

I've been thinking about connections and corridors. I mean more places for lupines, more places for newly discovered potential endangered species. That kind of thing.

What I envision is a corridor of sorts from the two tracts, a kind of L-shaped affair. There are two tracts of land involved. One is privately owned. The other is owned by Winter Haven, but has a CSX easement on it, though that may not matter if there's no railroad line to expand (they ought to spend their money on fixing the Hobbs Road crossing,; it's the one of worst in Polk County).

This will not be cheap, but there isn't much intact scrub left on the Winter Haven Ridge. Maybe they should take anolher look at the Lake Fannie property and maybe they should look at the property on both sides of the tracks in south Winter Haven east of Pollard Road.

Maybe they should look on the south end of Gerber Dairy Road.

Time is running out. The recession will be over some day and the property will be bulldozed forever.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Blue for another reason

I had been seeing quite a few Ceraunus Blue butterflies and wondered what I might encounter if I put some effort into it.
Late this afternoon I tallied 103 Ceraunus Blue (and 1 Cassisus Blue). Amazing. It is Lake Blue.