Monday, October 29, 2012

The Path Is Clear

I finally made a clear path through the north-south path by clearing a way through the Natal grass.
I will return to widen the path once the winds subside.
I also carried out a load of trash.
In addition, I noticed that the north fire lane is solid Natal grass instead of Guinea grass.
I will investigate the rest of the fire lane later. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Killy Hawk Above The Grass

I've been clearing Natal grass from the north-south trail after work when I had time in recent weeks.
It has been pretty uneventful work, but it's necessary.
I'm usually serenaded by an Eastern towhee or a Northern mockingbird during part of my work, but at dusk tonight I had another voice on the sound track.
I heard an American kestrel's "killy, killy" call and looked up to see its silhouette in the westering sky as it hovered over the scrub.
It then headed to its evening roost.
It occurred to me about whether it would be worth the effort to build  a nesting box and find a place to mount it.
Yay! Another project.