Sunday, December 27, 2009

Trouble at the lupine patch

When I stopped by this morning I saw that some more vandalism had occurred around the Scrub Lupine planting. Signs had been uprooted. One of the cages for seedlings had been overturned. At least one surviving lupine had been uprooted and thrown on the ground. Some of the containers had been uprooted, though all contained either dead plants or no plants.

I checked around and saw one set of shoeprints. Judging by the size, it was a young person. Some of the flags had been moved again to mark the path from the woods into the northern fire lane and to wherever they came from along First Avenue.

I'm increasingly convinced that some kind of electronic surveillance is the only solution. I think it's justified because 0f the importance of the project and the amount of time and money that has been involved. This kind of activity cannotbe allowed to continue.

Enough is enough.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A morning of fence repairs

I spent all of Saturday morning and into early afternoon repairing the fence cuts in the south tract and trimming the vegetation that was lying on the fence, so now the fence line is clear.

I put some brush and other debris in the way of access to some of the fence cut locations, though it's hard to say how successful that will be. There are other spots.

Of course I found more trash. I also found a yellow jacket nest underground in one of the windrows and marked it with a yellow flag on a stick. It just occurred that it could be better marked.

I'm heading to the north tract today to check on things.

The folks from Bok have been discouraged by the petty vandalism that has occurred around the lupine plot. I talked to Ryan Kordek, my counterpart at Lake McLeod. He said what worked for him was a visit by a law enforcement officer, who went around the neighborhood knocking on doors and educating people.

Persuasion has to enter into this somehow.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mischief among the lupines

I stopped by the lupine plot today and discovered that the flags had been used to decorate the trail and a couple of side trails through the woods to the north fire lane.

I also discovered the rain gauge had been stolen.

I suspect it's the inbred neighbor kids, but who knows.

Maybe we need to get some cops involved and get someone's attention.

Fence on south side seems to be intact, per a drive-by this morning.