Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fence cut and cut again

I went around the south tract late this afternoon to check to see what additional trash had been turned up by the reclearing of the fire lane and to make sure the hog tracks were no longer in evidence.

I found some trash, no hog tracks (just dogs and opposums), but it wasn't all good.

The fence had been cut in two places by the employment business office on the north side of the tract.

I found some spare barbed wire and halfway fixed one of the breaks, but the other one will require returning with more wire when I have more daylight to deal with it. (It was near dusk when I discovered the breaks).

I'll probably bring some more fence posts in to shore up the fence line. If no further problems develop, I'll let it go. If not, I or someone needs to have a talk with the neighbors.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Moving the rocks

I finally moved the pile of concrete pieces that I had piled up by the First Avenue gate from the nearby pile and ferried them to the main entrance to line the driveway.

I hauled out some other assorted trash.

Hauling will be hard work for a while. Contractors cleared the fire lanes again. I'm kind of in shock at the amount of work, but at least there's a functioning fire lane.

That's good for the neighbors and it's good for any planned burns in the future. I've been told that staff is still completing certification, which is reassuring. This is not a place where we'd want a fire to go rogue.

I noticed another gate is missing its heavy chain, but the lock is still there.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

An open gate

I checked the First Avenue gate for the first time in a while and noticed it was open and the chain and lock were gone. It appeared to be vandalism because no one had come in to ride an ATV or the dump trash, as far as I can tell.

I explored part of the perimeter to make sure.

There was a bonus. I found some more old trash and hauled some of it out. There were to iron posts and some sheet roofing.

I 've started to ferry to broken concrete to the main entrance to line the driveway some more. I may as well make some of the trash earn its keep.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm gonna move the tires, honest

I almost piled myself into a corner when I decided to clean up a portion of the edge of the preserve.

The problem was the tires. The tire recycling events say you can bring in only 10, but I estimate there are 20 or so. I checked with KPCB. They said under the circumstances I can bring in 25. I'll see how many I can fit in the bed of my pickup.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Still working the perimeter

Today I spent more time removing recyclables and piling up other stuff along the south side of the north tract. There is a large amount of concrete, etc. that might make a driveway boundary. May as well put the trash to some use.

Today I collected 15 buckets of glass and four buckets of plastic, plus a lot of metal. and some tires.

The problem is what to do with the stuff i don't carry off. It will not remain in place along the side of the road indefinitely. I can guarantee that. I need to figure out a way to get it picked up as illegally dumped trash, which is what it is.

It occurs to me that I have improved the neighborhood, but the neighborhood probably is uninterested. That's not easy to understand.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trash patrol continues

Today I collected a few bags of paleotrash from area I discovered during a walk through and then worked on area outside the fence. Another 50 feet, another 10 buckets of bottles and two bags and some iron.

I thought I cleaned this place up a few years ago. I guess not. (some of it is newer).