Wednesday, March 8, 2017

History In the Windrows

In recent weeks I've made some interesting discoveries as I've excavated the windrows next to the fire lane, that have all kinds of accumulated detritus from past dumping episodes.
The latest was a 1965 Polk County license plate.
Earlier I had found an old vehicle inspection station sign that was discarded from the nearby county barn where the inspection station was housed. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Lupines blooming early this year; Good seedling tally

I went to the preserve today to meet with
 Whitney Costner from Bok to locate
additional Scrub Lupine seedlings outside the planting areas.
She said the seedling total this year was about 400, which was impressive.
She said the management plan will involve a variety of strategies for different plots that in some cases will involve fire.
The one adult plant in the small plots that arose a few years ago from an old seed bank is on the verge of blooming. There are three seedlings nearby. Another site farther west has two seedlings.
At least one mature plant is beginning to bloom in the planted area. This is about a month earlier than last year.