Sunday, September 27, 2015

Belated National Public Lands Day

I couldn't make National Public Lands Day Saturday because I was butterflying at Big Bend WMA near Perry.
Today I went to the preserve and spent two hours digging up more Ceasar Weed in and along the fire lane.
I'm trying to get as much removed before the seeds mature so I don't get covered during the work.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Piling Up The Ceasar Weed

Late summer is not the most comfortable time to harvest Ceasar Weed, but it is  a strategic time. The plants are large and easy to find, but the seed heads are still green or absent, which means you don't emerge from the task covered in brown burrs.

Over the past week I have been making piles in the epicenter of this plant's domain in the northern boundary of the property and the fire lane.

The job has been hampered by having to deal with other exotics. Rosary Pea has twined around many of the plants, making them difficult to remove even after they have been uprooted. Guinea Grass has made getting to other plants a challenge.

For now the situation is under better control than it was. I also found another Brazilian pepper tree while I was working and removed it, too.