Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Weedy Summer Begins

Yesterday I removed four bagfuls of Cogon Grass from an area in the southeast corner.
I hadn't checked this area in a while. There was a small patch that has now expanded and needs to be controlled because it's 50 feet or so from  the only patch of Clitoria fragrans on the site.

By the way, the C. fragrans is doing just fine. My concern earlier that it may have been accidentally sprayed was unfounded.

The other weed problem is keeping Natal grass under control in the Scrub Lupine planting areas. It got out of hand last year in the southern planting. It was a particular issue for recruitment of new sprouts. There were a few this year and many didn't make it through spring, which is the first survival test.

The Natal grass can't always be pulled near the plants,I'm told, because the root disturbance could also be fatal, so better to not have it there in the first place.

The northern planting area has less of a problem and it did well this year so far.