Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lupine Population Declines

There were more than 100 flags at the preserve early this year to mark the location of seedlings.

When I checked today, it was hard to find many. The survival rate has been low.

Even one of the older plants in the volunteer site has disappeared and none of this year's seedlings has survived.

Blooms will be pretty sparse next spring because there are few mature plants.

Maybe there will be a good crop of seedlings.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Something Happened Here, Why It Did Ain't Exactly Clear

I was checking the fence line in the south tract after making progress remarking the trails I developed a few years ago.

I discovered a trail that apparently had been mechanically cleared in a rough way across the landscape from southeast to northwest.

I was amazed to see the damage and will have to check with FWC to find out whether anyone but the tractor operator knew about this.

My main concern is that it could provide a path for exotic plants to further invade. Natal grass is already common in the open areas near the Rosemary patches and other places.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Brazilian Pepper At The Gate

I spent an hour searching for exotics I recently found. I came away with a bag containing some Lygodium and Cogon Grass, but most of the action was around the First Avenue gate.

Brazilian pepper has sprouted. I dug up all four bushes and one near the gate outside. I also clipped the shrubbery and cut the grass the make that entrance somewhat presentable.

I noticed despite the County Commission's recent vote to prohibit truck parking on this street, there are no signs and no signs of enforcement. In a richer neighborhood, things might be different.

The end of the street is still crumbling.