Sunday, October 9, 2011

October arrives colorful and damp

More than 6 inches of rain has fallen in the past day or so. There was some wind, too, so I checked out things, especially the south tract, which I hadn't visited in a couple of months.

I had a couple of surprises in the south tract.

On the plus side, Polygonella basiramia was doing well in the northeast fire lane. I thought it would be overcome by Natal grass, but the grass has subsided and there were several basiramia, some in the later stages of blooming.

On the minus side, I found a small patch of Cogon grass in a wind row, pulled up what I could and bagged it. That's the first Cogon grass I can recall on that tract, but there's enough seed source in the area.

In the north tract, the Cogon grass that Bill Parken sprayed last month appears to be dead.

There's a lot of color still in the landscape. The Balduinia is putting on quite a show and so is the October flower. Blue curls have begun blooming. Garberia will come later.