Thursday, November 22, 2018

Rare plants recovering from management mishap

A couple of years ago while the fire lane on the south tract was being maintained or something, the tractor tires dug deep ruts into an area that had the highest concentration of  an endangered plant species called Polygonella basiramia that had been flagged in hopes the area might have been treated more gently.
There had been about 300 plants in this area.
Last year I checked the site and didn't find any plants there.
I checked recently and located a handful of plants, so perhaps they are gradually coming back.
I'll have to recheck next year to see what the status is.

Cleaning Up Cogon Infestation Again

One of the ongoing management challenges here has involved the control of isolated patches of cogon grass that have sprung up in a few locations inside the preserve.
Some have been successfully herbicided by FWC staffers, but some persist despite previous efforts.
One lies along the edge of the fire lane in the south tract.
I have resorted to periodically digging up the plants--it is important to remove the roots--and hauling them away for proper disposal.
Now that the weather has cooled, I have resumed the work.
The other day I filled two garbage cans with plants. I will come back to check on any stragglers I may have overlooked.