Thursday, November 22, 2012

Moving The Dumped Trash Anyway

I changed my mind and went out today and retrieved all of the dumped bags I found recently in the fire lane as well as some other material that had been dumped earlier.

The bags appear to contain some old blue tarps, perhaps dumped by a roofing contractor.

This section of the fire lane opposite an empty lot remains the main problem. I also found a tire that was freshly dumped. I put it against the fence in a less visible section. I'll have to wait for an opportunity to dispose of it for free.

In an unrelated note, this has been a good season for sandspurs. I need to clear the main entry path in case I get hikers from Trek Ten or someone else.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dumping Problems Resume

I checked a problem area along the north fire lane and found relatively fresh (I had last checked the location a couple of weeks ago) instance of illegal dumping. It consisted of some plastic bags full of sonme light material, perhaps more plastic.
I didn't disturb them because I don't have any way to legally dispose of that much trash.

The trash appears to coming from over the fence of a vacant lot at 4711 !st Ave (shaded on aerial above) There's a pile of tires in one corner of the lot next to the fence and some of them have been through over the fence and kindly returned. That's a code enforcement violation, but I try not to concern myself with what the neighbors are doing as long as they don't do it to the preserve.

This also the lot where there was a series of fence cuts a while ago.

Oh, yeah, the fire lane needs maintenance.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

More Ridge Color

Thle Garberia, which also has a whitish form, is a lovely flower even when nothing's nectaring on it.

As Garberia blossom,  the sumac is fruiting and its leaves are changing color.

And, of course the Blue Curls are as lovely and delicate as ever.  

Fall Color On My Ridge

It takes a month or so into fall before the colors really become brilliant here.
In addition to the colors, the flowering grasses are striking against the sun.

There are colorful insects to match the foliage, like the Scarlet Skimmer dragonfly.

Meanwhile, Garberia is starting to bloom and attracting insects because little else is bloming.

 The violet flowers contrast with a orange Gulf Fritillary. It also attracted Ocola, Fiery and Long-tailed Skippers.

 Enjoy the photos.