Friday, March 27, 2015

Cogon Grass Work Continues

Yesterday afternoon I went to the south tract to check on the results of my earlier attack on a small patch of cogon grass next to the fire lane in the disturbed wind row left from the widening of the fire lane a few years ago.

I filled a bag and also dug up two of the Brazilian pepper bushes that had shot up nearby. I've got to go back this weekend and dig up the other two. I had cut them back and had earlier collected and bagged the branches containing berries to prevent them from spreading as much as possible.

It's one of the things that will require periodic monitoring.

I also removed a small amount of trash that I unearthed in the process of digging up the cogon grass.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lupine Bloom Beginning; More Seedlings

I saw the first Scrub Lupine petals unfolding from the flower bud yesterday while I was checking for more seedlings.

I've been checking on the bloom status of the two mature plants here so I can invite some folks from Kissimmee who have never seen the plant.