Thursday, November 26, 2015

Removing Remodeling Trash

Today I removed a truckload of construction debris from the north fire lane woods.
There was a door, some cabinet doors and miscellaneous material.
The gate combo has been changed, so I couldn't use a wheelbarrow to haul the material out. so I had to carry it out.
It was windy and so it was more difficult to move the larger items.
Anyway, it's out now. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Colors of Fall's Second Half

You have to look harder for color at this time of year, but it's there.
Over the weekend I checked on the Tooth reined orchis in the bayhead.  They're up. I passed Cinnamon Fern on the way and elsewhere found Blue Curls and Sand Lace.

The most common butterfly at the time is Little Yellow,.

Clearing Natal grass

I finally finished some of the major removal of Natal grass along a main path and around the two Scrub Lupine beds.
 I found some additional dumping of residential construction debris in in the woods along the northern fire lane.-
Very few flowers are blooming except Blue Curls and Pittyopsis.
Winter is coming.
Palm warblers are flitting around the edges.